Frequently Asked Questions

Both on our website and in stores, only items from the current season are for sale. If an item is sold out, we will try to re-stock it as soon as possible. If an item is sold out, we will remove it from our website. When a size of an item you wish to purchase appears shaded in light grey and, therefore, cannot be selected, it means that it is not currently available.

We offer the following payment options.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal

* Sales tax maybe applicable to merchandise shipped to certain countries and cities such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, Asia, Canada, USA etc…

At Aba Intercontinental Group, our strategy for commodity trading is rooted in our noble intentions to create sustainable opportunities for business development for our customers and our partners.

Our fundamental corporate strategy is founded upon the need to develop better ways to effect positive change for our partners and customers; for their industries and for the world. Berium Group offers its partners and clients the requisite resources to improve productivity.

We generate value at every stage of the supply chain by accelerating supply chain efficiency by integrating expertise in commodity origination, financing, risk management, commercialization, marketing, trading, shipping, logistics and delivery, we ensure that clients’ products are effectively moved to the right place in the right time, every time.

Our approach is to differentiate Aba Intercontinental Group as a premier independent commodity trading company, delivering highest quality of products and premium service far much above and beyond other suppliers.

The core pillars of our strategy to succeed in achieving our corporate goals are based on firm foundation provided by six pillars:

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Specialized commodity shipping and logistics operations

Aba Intercontinental Group fully controlled and specially dedicated commodity shipping and logistics business division offers maximum flexibility and complements our capacities for managing complex logistical operations involved in moving bulk commodities from the point of production or supply to global destinations where they are demanded most.

Compliance in Commodity Export & Import (CEI) operations

While there are a myriad of key requirements that must be filled before commodities are exported from the source country, even more daunting can be the specific requirements that must be met before a foreign (destination) country will allow the commodities to enter their country. Aba Intercontinental Group and all its international subsidiaries navigate these requirements and regulations globally, procuring and competitively getting your commodities supplied to you efficiently from our widely diverse source markets across six continents.

Connecting Africa to the World!

We enable clients from all over the world to achieve greater revenue growth through personalized logistics systems that deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction. Our global expertise is combined with unique knowledge, diligence and experience in Africa. Our objective is to be the gateway to Africa by bringing equilibrium in demand and supply between Africa and the rest of the world through value added commodity shipping and logistics operations.